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Brand: Roger Dubuis
Model: Quatuor
Movement: Swiss Automatic
Case: Rose-Gold
Strap: Black Silicon
Warranty: 1yr

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Excalibur Quatuor: Name of the world’s first silicon watch with four balance springs. This extraordinary feat in the history of fine watchmaking bears the signature of Roger Dubuis. Performed by four virtuosos and accompanied by five differentials, this piece represents the ultimate challenge to gravity.

The Excalibur Quarter epitomizes the mechanical magic of one of the most innovative manufacturers of the 21st century. It pushes the boundaries of precision and represents one of the greatest advances in modern watchmaking.

Since the beginning of this century, silicon has been used to manufacture technical components that increase the precision of watch movements. Today, Roger Dubuis continues to push the boundaries of technology and overcome incredible challenges, presenting the first ever watch with a case entirely made of silicone. .

Silicone was chosen for its unique lightness and unparalleled hardness. In fact, it weighs half as much as titanium, or half as much as steel, but is four times harder. The deep gray color emphasizes the exclusivity of this iconic timepiece. Silicon has a similar atomic structure to diamond and requires just as much expertise to process. Roger Dubuis commissioned a number of highly skilled experts to create this “metallic crystal” case.

Mainspring: the soul of a mechanical watch The regulator or mainspring is the beating heart of a mechanical watch and is the key component that always attracts the most attention. This is the element that actually counts elapsed time and determines the accuracy of the clock. Today, only a handful of companies are able to manufacture other parts of the movement “in-house,” but manufacturing an internal balance wheel is an extraordinary feat in fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is able to achieve this because he is one of the few manufacturers with completely integrated production. His valuable expertise allowed him to incorporate his four mainspring balances instead of one into the same movement, caliber RD101. This is a feat previously thought impossible. Two key innovations to improve precision One of the highlights of SIHH 2013, the Excalibur Quarter Watch will be produced in a limited series. It captures Roger Dubuis’s bravery and creativity better than any other model. It represents innovation while respecting the great traditions of watchmaking. In addition to the four hairsprings, it also features a completely original power reserve indicator. These two technical masterpieces of his (patent pending) were not developed for their own sake, but are part of the constant pursuit of precision in watchmaking. Because the position of the watch constantly changes with the movement of the wrist, the accuracy of the watch’s movement is affected by Earth’s gravity.

The tourbillon partially solved this problem, but the Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Her four carefully positioned spring balances work in pairs to instantly compensate for rate fluctuations caused by changes in position. What a tourbillon does in a minute, an Excalibur quarter does in an instant.

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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor Four Sprung Balances Swiss Automatic Watch
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